Organic JUNK food? You can waste your money, wreck your health, and fill the pockets of evil corporate America, if you’re not careful

Sure, eating organic food regularly is more expensive, but not anything compared to the medical bills of those who don’t. People brag about medical coverage, low deductibles, minimum co-pays, and their HSA, but when the SHTF, and they can’t work, need surgery, and can’t enjoy their life because they’re sick, in pain, and miserable, what did all those cheap grocery bills really accomplish? On the flip side though, people who think all organic food is clean food and the answer to their health problems are blindly mistaken, because at least 30 percent of all USDA certified organic food contains “food stuff,” fillers, and funk that does cause health detriment, is a waste of money, and fuels Big Food companies that have bought out certain organic labels and polluted the products with junk.

Canola oil, concentrated processed salts, and high sugar content does a body harm – because not everything “organic” is healthy

Canola oil is the cheapest oil on the market and the worst oil you can possibly eat. It coagulates in the body and blood, causing weight gain, constipation, and eventually dementia. Canola oil is toxic because it’s made from rapeseed, which is an insecticide. It doesn’t matter if canola oil is certified USDA organic, expeller pressed, or comes in a bottle made of gold, it’s still one of the worst “food stuff” products you can consume.

When canola oil is mixed well into food, that food never spoils, and no bugs will ever eat it. There’s a sign you should avoid it at all costs. Food manufacturers and processors love canola oil for those reasons. The problem is that canola lengthens product life while shortening human life.

You won’t find monosodium glutamate in organic foods because it’s genetically modified in a laboratory, but you will find all of MSG’s evil cousins in organic foods. They’re just hidden names for MSG and they include: autolyzed yeast, textured protein, glutamic acid, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein (and anything else hydrolyzed), soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, malt extract, and soy protein concentrate.

Processed sugar is evil. It’s like a drug. It’s addicting. It feeds inflammation and cancer. You can eat strictly organic food all day, every day, but if it’s loaded with sugar, you’re breeding health problems. Although you won’t find HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in organic food, because it’s genetically modified, many vegetarian and vegan organic desserts and baked goods are loaded with sugar.

If you want sweet food that’s healthy, stick with natural fruit (the sugar comes with the pectin and fiber) and use Stevia or organic Monk fruit to sweeten your coffee or tea. Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, is a small green melon called the “longevity fruit” in China, and often comes as a dried extract that contains almost zero calories, has a negligible effect on blood sugar, has no bitter aftertaste, and naturally contains a powerful antioxidant.

Mega-conglomerates like Hain, Kraft, Dean Foods, Coca Cola and PepsiCo buyout small-to-medium-sized organic companies and pollute organic products with toxic fillers

There’s a fairly long list of evil corporate monopolies that try to take your money while feeding you organic food “stuff” that’s not so healthy for you. Watch out for Nestle, Cargill, Hershey, Campbell Soup Co., Mars (M&M), General Mills, Post Foods, Kellogg, J.M. Smucker, ConAgra, and even Purdue. These companies love to load their products with canola oil and MSG’s cousins. Many of their products carry tricky, attracting labels like “gluten-free” to reel you in.

These are companies we call “Big Organic,” and they’re not looking out for your health. They have track records of destroying clean foods (it’s called greenwashing) through industrialized, genetically modified, and conventional farming practices. They also make billions off genetically modified products and fund movements to keep GMO products from carrying warning labels. Think of brands like Silk and Horizon and you’re right on track for learning what to avoid.

Remember, anything advertised on television is most likely owned and run by Big Food and Biotech. Support your local farmers and grow your own organic food whenever and wherever you can. Science has proven that people who eat organic have a 25 percent lower risk of ever developing cancer. Talk about saving a fortune!

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