Yes, even ORGANIC cereals may be poisoning you with toxic chemicals if you buy them from a regular grocery store

You may not be aware of this, but even organic breakfast cereals may be heavily saturated with toxic chemicals if you purchase them from regular grocery stores.

As I cover in detail in my Health Ranger Report podcast, below, conventional grocery stores stock a huge assortment of toxic laundry products that emit volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). These products include fabric softeners, dryer sheets, laundry detergent and other cleaners. The toxic chemicals from these products contaminate the air of the entire grocery store, ultimately penetrating and saturating the packaging of cereals and other products.

Health-conscious people who avoid toxic laundry products can even smell these chemicals on their clothing after merely walking through a regular grocery store. I’ve personally been able to taste laundry chemicals in organic cereals that were purchased at regular grocery stores.

This is no fault of the cereal manufacturers, by the way. Their products are clean when they manufacture and distribute them. It’s the local grocery stores that are contaminating the food products with toxic chemicals by stocking organic food products in the same building as toxic detergents and laundry chemicals.

How to avoid eating poison in your organic food products

The solution to all this is simple: Only buy food from natural grocery stores that do not stock toxic laundry products which emit toxic chemical fumes. And if you can’t smell the toxicity of laundry products, it’s probably because you’ve been using them for so long that your own senses have been nullified due to constant exposure. (Olfactory sensitivity diminishes with continued exposure. This is why people who wear a lot of perfume or cologne can’t even smell it anymore.)

Learn the truth about why shopping in a regular grocery store is toxic to your health, even if you’re buying organic products. Read and listen to the full podcast at, the new alternative to YouTube censorship:

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