Health Ranger video explains abundance of wild foods that appear when you stop POISONING the land

Welcome to the Health Ranger Ranch in Texas! This short video shows you my grazing goats as I discuss wild foods.

Over the last two weeks, I harvested over 25 pounds of wild berries. Why does my ranch have so many wild berries? Because I never spray pesticides or herbicides on anything.

Common weed killer chemicals also kill berry plants, depriving the land of wild foods and poisoning every animals that depends on those foods to survive. By caring for my ranch in a way that avoids all GMOs, synthetic pesticides and toxic chemicals, I can let goats, donkeys and other animals free range on the grasses, shrubs and berries without any risk of them being harmed by chemicals.

Since pursuing this practice, the Health Ranger Ranch has also seen a huge population explosion in wild turkeys, ground squirrels, owls and songbirds. It’s all very simple, really: If you stop poisoning the land, life (and food) becomes incredibly abundant!

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